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Bringing your best face forward.

With the belief that everyone can look their best, Joyce focus on creating makeup looks that enhances the natural features of her clients, with the ultimate aim of empowering her clients to look good and feel good.

  • Trained in both soft Korean and Japanese bridal looks
  • Experienced in bold and striking stage and fashion shoot looks
  • Trained in double eyelid adjustment for single or uneven eyelids
  • Generously shares skincare and makeup knowledge with clients


Your hair is your crowning glory.

From intricate braids to effortless-looking curls and waves, you can leave your updo to Joyce’s good hands. Based on your occasion, outfit and your features, let’s design hairstyles that brings out your personal style.

  • Trained by top Bridal Japanese hair designers from Tokyo
  • Well-versed in both vintage era and modern IG-inspired hairdos
  • Able to customise preserved floral hair accessories for brides
  • Seasoned professional that often runs hairstyling classes


Keep that inner child alive.
  • Bridal makeup focuses on creating a glow-from-within look, with minimum use of colours to enhance your look, as naturally as possible.
  • Hence more effort in terms of hydrating and priming BEFORE applying makeup.
  • Details such as concealing pigmentation, shaping brows, curling of lashes, application technique of false eyelashes are also important when creating a naturally flawless, beautiful look.
  • Bridal hairdo has to be prepped so it is easy to change into different styles to match different gowns during the wedding day.
  • Bridal hairdo has to be planned with the use of hair accessories in mind, and it has to look good from all angles as all cameras and eyes will be on the bride on her wedding day.
  • It also has to last 6 -8 hours in both indoor and outdoor weather conditions. 
  • It is the same when it comes to different price tiers for ordering an ala carte cheeseburger, a full Mac meal, and a full Mac meal with additional sides.  You pay for extra service, extra time and extra products. 😄
  • ROM makeup is a simpler version of wedding makeup as it is typically a small event and last for 2-3 hours.
  • Makeup is lighter, but enhancement of features and balancing of proportion is still necessary, and hairdo still needs to match the simpler gown designs. 
  • Pre-wedding makeup requires more planning, discussion with bride and sometimes photographer to understand the style, look & feel of shoot, venue and outfit ideas.
  • The hair and makeup also has to be able to withstand different weather conditions and match the different outfits. 
  • Actual day wedding makeup is the most premium service, because of the amount of time a makeup artist spends communicating and preparing for the job.
  • From the moment a bride books a makeup artist, we would already start our preparation work: 
  1. Noting down your wedding day details – date, time, venue, number of pax to doll up etc
  2. Preferences on makeup, hair, any concerns
  3. Remembering your gown details so we can recommend suitable looks and hair accessories for you, many of us even hand-make/purchase specific hair accessories for our brides! 
  • We are just a phone call or a text away to advise on what they should do in terms of pre-wedding beauty regime, wedding itinerary and time planning. 
  • We also will set aside an additional 2 – 3 hours to carry out trial makeup & hair so they can better visualise how they will look on their wedding day.
  • On The Big Day, we also help the bride with the wearing of your inner wear, gown, ensuring you look picture perfect, as well as guiding bridesmaids how to change your hair accessory if necessary for tea ceremony.
  • Yes, it will be. Because camera lens capture details differently from our eyes, depending on the lighting, distance between the camera and you (the subject), angle and the framing. ​​
  • Hence for photoshoot, in order for you to look good on camera, stronger makeup (not thicker) is necessary. 
  • Stronger makeup means, deeper colours, more contour and highlight so your features pop more in the photos.
  • Hence, what you see directly on your phone via selfie mode or straight in the makeup mirror is not an accurate depiction of how you will look in photos and videos.
  • Even the simplest, most natural look requires experience on type of cosmetic, tool, product and applicable techniques to achieve. 
  • You are paying for the experience of the makeup artist, which should not be discounted even if you only require a ‘simple’-looking makeup style.
  • Makeup artists have to bring along numerous products and tools, such as extension cord, hair dryer, straightener, curling irons, hair spray etc, on top of our makeup box, which includes makeup products for all skin types and tones. Hence, we usually carry a luggage AND a makeup box, sometimes with our own lighting equipment. 
  • Thus, we have to rely on taxi or grab to commute to and fro our client’s place. Transport cost is not controlled by us, and at times due to surge pricing on the road, 2-way transport can cost up to $50 – $70 per job. Hence, we do factor in transport costs in our fee.
  • Early morning surcharge is the service fee you pay when makeup service has to start before 7am in the morning. It is like an OT charge for requesting the service to start before normal operating hours. 
  • To better explain, let me break down in terms of timeline in the morning: 

    • Client requirement: Bride ready by 7am for groom’s arrival
    • 3.50: Makeup artist arrives to setup
    • 4am: Starts prepping face for bride – tone, essence, moisturise/ apply makeup ampoule
    • 4.10am: Makeup 
    • 5.15am: Makeup completes 
    • 5.20am: Preps hair for volume & texture
    • 5.35am: Starts styling, pinning of hair
    • 6am: Adds hair accessories to hair. Photographer/ videographer arrives.
    • 6.15am: Full hair & makeup completed. Bride poses for beauty shots (before changing into gown) for photo & videos, another 5mins to change into the gown, poses for additional beauty shots now fully dressed in gown.
    • 6.30am: Photographer & videographer takes shots of bride with bridesmaids, family members & parents veiling the bride
    • 6.50 – 7am: Groom arrives, Photographer & Videographer complete their shots with bride and heads down to capture the groom’s arrival.

    Hence, it is very common for makeup and hair to start 3 hours prior, especially if you have a photographer or videographer, because they also need time to arrange things around in the house, compose their shots beautifully and direct you, and your loved ones how to look good for good pictures and videos. 

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